Why should I network on line?

The right people, at the right time.

This is the first learning point for us all. You are on a journey in your life, you have not reached the end yet, and your needs now will be different to your needs in one month, 2 months, a year, 5 years. Joining and being part of Ecademy is about finding solutions to your needs in real-time with real people, right now.

Ask yourself - what are my needs now? You will probably answer, more sales, but is that true? If you need more sales, why is that? Are you networking effectively? Do people really want to buy what you are selling? How are you marketing your business? Is your website efficient and optimised? Do you get many people coming to you, or do you always have to find your clients?

Belonging to a Social Network gives you the opportunity to build a very successful business based on advocacy, referrals, collaboration, advice, care, kindness, inspiration, tough feedback and friendships, this is why we call it a Social Business Network.

Lets face it, what you do is not interesting. Sorry. Anyone can find a stranger in the Yellow Pages and buy from them; however YOU are interesting, you have all sorts of experiences, thoughts, vulnerabilities and ideas that make you fascinating. Your journey to this point in your life is interesting, why you do what you do is interesting. All these factors lead to your expertise, to your passions, and that leads back to your business, and to you as a person, that can be trusted and liked - and it leads to others caring about your success.

So, don't treat on line networking like some giant networking event where everyone stands around and throws business cards at one another, and then go home feeling that they have just spent another night out and question 'what was achieved?'. Treat Ecademy as your new community, your friend, someone that wants you to be successful, and a place where you can feel safe asking for help, telling your story, and gaining respect because of who you are - an expert, and someone who is living the dream of loving what they do.


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